The volcano Etna, for the people who don’t live near it, is an enormous fire-breathing dragon, angry and dangerous. For us, “Catanesi”, mount Etna is a whimsical queen who dictates everyone from its height. When we talk about Etna, we talk as if she is a human being: -How is Etna doing today?- – What about Etna?-

On Etna slopes, we can do many excursions, for walking among old and new petrified lava flows, sleepy craters, lava caves and pine woods, chestnut trees, maples, poplars, and birches.

If you love the sea, you can go from the beach to the mountain in about one hour, and all along you’ll see yellow flowers of bushes of broom (ginestra) and you’ll breathe their sweet fragrance and the balmy perfume of pine trees. Visitors can hear the wind rustling in the branches of pines, shrubs, holms, oaks and listen in the background the volcano continues grumbling.

In winter, when the tallest active volcano of Europe is covered with snow, its candid white contrast with the black dark lava rock. If you want, you can ski in the 2 ski resorts.

In every season Etna guards, in a cave, the southest glacier of Europe.

The volcano is 3 326 m high, but its altitude is variable because of the continuous eruptions.

From the end of February 2021 Etna is particularly active and almost every day we can admire majestic hot lava flows glide down and we can see enormous ash clouds accumulate in the sky before raining large quantities of naturally cold ash and lapilli.

Watching the great eruptions near the crater is imprudent and not necessary, because they can be admired safely from further away.

Etna is the ideal place for taking a break from our busy daily activities while admiring the splendor and the variety of nature. And the perfect destination for warm Sundays like today!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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