The beginning of each school year seems a long journey, almost interminable, day after day you live according to a precise rhythm, immutable, school, lessons, questions, explanations, home, homework, study, brief moments of distraction, on Saturday evening, Sunday, a party, a walk.

We are used slowly, or perhaps we resigned to the slow passage of time.

During the long winter months, I waited for the month of May to arrive, waiting for the end of the lessons.

Then suddenly you realize that June is near and that another school year is about to end.

The memories of a year pass on a screen in my mind, one after the other: the happy first days of school and then immediately the homework, the questions. How hard it was, I remember, to get back to studying after the summer. The study weighed. How many hours spent in my room dreaming of spring and the arrival of the end of the school year. I remember everything. Small and big sorrows, moments of happiness or anxiety, of waiting, misunderstandings, discussions, at home and at school, everyday life.

And now that I’ve come to an end, it’s nice to remember the days I spent listening to lectures and doing homework, the laughter among classmates and the quarrels and the school trip.

This confirms the belief that a year has not passed in vain, that we have used it well, learning new things.

Certainly I will not shed tears when the school closes: the sun, the sea, freedom, serenity and many other things to do await me. And then the school is certainly not over, unfortunately: in September it will start again with the last year and the eighth grade exam.

So I will try to grit my teeth in these last few days, to study and then finally away, away from homework, lessons, books, notebooks .. and professors!

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Elena Attennante


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