How did this country become so popular?

South Korea is a really small state that for a long time remained behind the scenes of the World’s theatre where all the nations were sharing their culture.

But then something changed.

During the last five years we have witnessed the climax of a phenomenon known as the “Korean Wave”, that actually started in the 90’s with the spread of K-Dramas and K-Pop across the East and since the turn of the 21st century across the West.

Like a wave, thanks to the introduction of social media, this phenomenon brings Korean culture into our society, through K-pop, korean skin-care, K-dramas, korean cuisine, technologies, fashion, literature and online games.

Just to give an example, who has never heard about BTS and their song “Dynamite” ? Surely if you have a smartphone or a TV the refrain of this song is stuck in your head because it’s used in television advertising, Tik Tok, Youtube and much more. The singers of Korean bands are called “idols” and they are loved for their voices, their dancing abilities and for their appearance.

In fact in Korea it’s really common to pay attention to the skincare and it’s not considered a “girly” thing but even men want to take care of theirself, using creams and serum. Since Korean influencers started to share their “10 steps skincare routines”, this type of treatment became viral and also some Korean skincare brands like Yepoda and Glow Recipe became famous.

Also K-dramas are very appreciated in Europe and America, like “Squid Game”, the biggest series ever launched on Netflix, or “Crash Landing on you”, the most loved romantic drama.

While you watch a K-drama you can see a lot of traditional elements: dresses (hanbok), ceremonials (before starting a business), family’s activities (playing Go Stop) and also food (kimchi, tteokbokki, ramyeon and bulgogi).

Through these series you can also learn more about the technological industries’ news. For example “Start up”, a drama released on Netflix in 2020,  is sponsored by Samsung and Desker, that show their latest products during the episodes.

Now that all of that has been said, we understand why South Korea became the new tourist destination for many teenegers and how Korean culture entered our homes.

This phenomenon reminds us of the USA’s escalation in the world during the early 2000. Until now America held the world record but it seems that something’s going to change.

So our question is: will Korea be the new America?


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Ester Sturniolo Serena Pietropaolo



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