Kindness, or being kind, is doing something or just saying something, for the pleasure of seeing a happy person. An act of kindness is useful, not only for those who receive it, but also for the people who make it.

I believe it is very important to teach children from an early age how to be kind and what to do to be nice. First of all, because it is beneficial for themselves and also because if kindness increases in the classroom, trust and collaboration increase, too and this could prevent  bullying at school.

Moreover, kindness in a teamwork is a winning strategy. If in a group, members feel treated with fairness and kindness, great results will be achieved. On the contrary, in a group in which members are treated with rigidity and injustice, it won’t be possible to achieve a positive outcome.

Being kind, polite and unselfish is also healthy for our heart: the likelihood of stroke and heart attack increases in those with an aggressive temperament, while in people who have a good-natured temperament, the risk of cardiac arrest decreases by 40%.

Unfortunately, nowadays, it happens very often to see people entering a shop or a bar, with their eyes on their smartphones, without  even saying “hello” or looking up when they ask for something or talk to others.

It seems that  most people aren’t able to look the others into the eyes, to smile and to be kind. It seems that kindness is not part of their world and they don’t  know they have lost such a great value!

For me, this magic formula that unites men must be used to the fullest to make the world better.

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Fatima Zahra Faris




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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