Keep alive the true Christmas spirit.

For centuries Christmas has been the moment of joyful sharing for excellence. 

In the past, it was even customary to exchange dishes to make sure that, at least on Christmas Day, the table was richer for everyone. Gradually, however, the true meaning of this festival has been lost, reducing it to exclusively commercial and consumerist purposes. Behind the idea of gifts, there is the need to set the economy in motion, so as to be covered by aggressive marketing strategies that use social values; in parallel to this, there are ways to keep alive the true Christmas spirit.

There are several associations that help us to take advantage of the opportunity, selling objects produced in a sustainable way and reinvesting revenues in activities to support some categories at risk, some disadvantaged or otherwise for different reasons in need of economic help. In Italy, there are many companies that have proposed innovative ideas of solidarity gifts this year.  Among these, we find the company “Doctors Without Borders” which has made the site of the Solidarity Shop available: you can find a large choice of products and virtual gifts to support the projects of the humanitarian medical organization in over 70 countries around the world. The “Hemopathic Child Association”, which operates within the Department of Pediatric Oncology and the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation Centre of the Civil Hospitals in Brescia, has made available personalized greeting cards and ABE calendars.

Some associations that deal with environmental protection have done something, too, such as the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) that has proposed the campaign “At Christmas, put your heart into it” with the aim of getting people to adopt one of the many species at risk of extinction.

These are only small quotes of some associations that really make a difference, succeeding in uniting the original Christmas spirit with the tradition of exchanging gifts.

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Greta Raniolo and Samuela Roccuzzo




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