Karate is a martial art born as a method of defense with bare hands. Over the years it has evolved into a controlled contact combat sport, where percussion techniques are used with the upper and lower limbs and techniques of projection and closing to the soil.

In the study of self-defense techniques are added techniques of joint levers, strangulations and percussion with all parts of the body.

It was not easy to define Karate in a single statement, especially for those who, like me, practice different “forms”.

In fact, there are many much poorer definitions of Karate, which are found in common usage:

 • The Karate martial art.

 • Karate is a combat sport.

 • Karate is a philosophy of life.

 • Karate is a motor activity.

 • Karate is a discipline.

 • Karate is a method of self defense.

 The karate practiced today can be divided into three large macro areas:

  • Sports Karate
  • Karate Wellness
  • Karate Self Defense
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