Juve-Pogba, the story and the rumors about the return

Paul Pogba is certainly one of the best midfielders on the international scene.
He was born in Lagny Sur Marne, France on March 15, 1993. He is the son of two emigrants from Guinea to France, the third child after the twins Mathias and Florentin (who in turn became footballers). At the age of six he was taken by mum and dad to play in the Roissy-en-Brie team, a Parisian banlieu, and here he kicks the ball, remaining there until adolescence and being nicknamed “La pioche”, that is the pickaxe.

He began the youth academy in 1999 initially playing for Roissy-en-Brie, Torcy and Le Havre, before moving on to the Manchester United youth academies, where he won the youth league in 2011. He joined the first team in 2012 and his first season as a professional it was not convincing. The club does not give him a second chance but Juventus believes in him. In Juventus he spends 4 seasons and proves them to be truly a phenomenon and in those seasons he remembers the Patrick Vieira of Arsenal. Manchester united regrets it and buys it in the summer of 2016 for what was then the most expensive figure in football history: 105 million euros. In Manchester, however, he is not feeling very well, not as he had found in Turin, and both the team and the juve fans hope at every transfer market session that Paul will be able to wear the Juventus shirt again. Now Pogba is out of the Manchester United project and his contract has not been renewed. Now you can get him for free. As soon as the Juventus offer arrived he did not think twice and accepted the offer. Now there is only the official status for the return to “his real home”

Pogba has decided to join the French national team and not the Guinean one. With France he won the under-20 world cup in 2013, and participated in the 2014 world cup in Brazil. He was also a protagonist in the 2016 home European championship, losing in the final. But the most important moment of his career is when he wins the world championship in Russia in 2018 as an absolute protagonist, also scoring a goal in the 4-1 final against Croatia.

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