Juve INTERrupted

Sanchez decides the San Siro match in the 121st minute and gives the Neroazzuri the first trophy of the season.

Simone Inzaghi’s Inter won the final of the Italian Super Cup against Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus at the end of an intense game, full of episodes and decided by an incredible goal in the 120 minute, a few seconds from the penalty shootout that seemed to be taken for granted.

The Nerazzurri wanted to prove that they were champions of Italy, and finally eliminate the inferiority complex that has persecuted them in the last decade. They were at home, in San Siro, in the moment of maximum form and expectation, while on the other hand there was a Juventus reduced to a minimum, between various injuries, disqualifications and in fact the gap in the game was seen.

The start of Inter was fierce, he immediately wanted to crush the rival of all time. In a few minutes the Nerazzurri had three chances, but none of them succeeded. Juve try to slow down the game, to restrain opponents, ending only to miss the steps when, however, suddenly like lightning in the clear sky comes the goal of Mckennie. The inter seems demoralized, but it doesn’t last long, until a collision in the penalty area reignites the game and, a perfect penalty draws the two teams. The challenge does not end in 90′ you go to extra time. Incredibly on the last ball of the game, at the last minute available, the ball ends up on Sanchez’s foot, which gives Inter the first real joy of the season.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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