Protecting the environment should be everyone’s goal, but unfortunately this is not the case today, on the contrary the population makes a negative contribution to environmental pollution. Because of our habits we tend to waste the resources we possess, without thinking that one day they might run out. Today, therefore, it is necessary to learn about the consequences that one’s actions can have on the environment: the greenhouse effect, the ozone hole, pollution are examples of this. People don’t think about this problem, they ignore it, they avoid it as if it doesn’t concern anyone on this planet. The world we live in due to man’s bad deeds has become a pathogenic world; the water we drink, the food we eat in most cases are polluted … So by ingesting it we risk producing diseases inside us. A small contribution would be enough to safeguard our planet, perseverance and commitment are the best “weapons” to respect it and not pollute it. Some simple rules to be respected to safeguard our planet are:

1 reduce your electricity consumption, for example by turning off the switches when you change rooms.

3 do not throw materials that are no longer needed on the street.

4Use paper bags and not plastic bags.

5 recycle and separate.

6 Reduce water consumption.

7 use the car less.


I hope you liked my article and convinced you to safeguard our environment !!!

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Lorena Lo Cascio


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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