Movie of the 2015 from Colin Tremorrow, he is fourth movie of the saga of Jurassic Park. Plot: Jonh Hmmond entrusted the island of the Jurassic Park at Simon Masrani that makesit more modern and ask at the park operations director Claire Dearing of to do a new dinosaur bigger and cooler. Then she ask at the doctor Wu. They manage to make it adult, in a cage ,when Claire’s grandchildren are about to go to the island. The grandchildren run away from the Claire’s assistant and go at the gyrosphere ,but they don’t know that the new dinosaur escaped with cunning. Owen Grady, animal behaviorist that proved that velociraptors know how to obey orders, say of do evacuate the island to unleashthe fight versusthe dinosaur that ,in the meantine ,it arrived at the aviary causing the escape of the birds inside causing the death of Simon Masrani. Other dinosaurs will come out and die but by now the island was already evacuated… The 2 principal actors are: Owen Grady interpreted from Chris Pratt and Claire Dearing interpreted from Bryces Dallas Howard.

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