It is a movie of the 1993 of Steven Spielger adapted from the novel of Maechel Chricton.
Plot: The bilionaire John Hammond buy an island at 120 miles from Costa Rica for build us a park where will clone the dinosaurus from the DNA of the mosquitoes fossilized more by the DNA of frogs. An attendant is devoured by a velociraptor during his move from the cage ,so the other employees sue the InGen led by John Hammond ,so he who loved his lawyer Donald Gennaro ordening o call the paleontologist Alan Grant and the paleobotany Ellie Sattler but is stopped by the matematician Ian Malcom asking him to come too. In the meantime a worker of the Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry ,unhappy with the pay ,he gets pay to take them away some DNA of dinosaurus.
When the helicopter arrives in Isla Nublar they meet their first dinosaur: the bracchiosaurus.
After the meeting they move to the research center to make visitors understand how it was possible to bring them back to life the dinosaurs and will meet Henri Wu a scientist.
At the exit they will meet 2 other surprise tourists and from here it will create an adventure on Isla Nublar but died other people.
The 2 principal actors are Alan Grant interpreted from Sam Neill and Ellie Sattler interpreted from Laura Dern.

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