Judo: work hard and never give up

Judo is a Japanese martial art, a combat sport and a self defense method. It was created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano, a Japanese educator and athlete , with the founding of Kodokan, his judo organization.

Kano’s principle was ” maximum efficient use of physical and mental energy”, a principle useful in many aspects of life. The word Judo derives from “Ju -jutsu”, that means “technic” and the suffix “do” that means “path”. So, his training hall was named Kodokan or “place to teach the Path”. Who practices judo is called judoist or more commonly judoka.

Judo became officially an Olympic discipline in Tokyo, 1964. It was the third universal sport at Athens games, 2004 with athletes from 98 different countries and in London, 2012 there were 387 judoists from 135 different countries.

I am 12 but I started doing Judo when I was 4 and now I am a blue belt. I practice this sport at “Airon Judo”, in Furci Siculo and my coach is Corrado Bongiorno, vice president of Fijlkam (Judo) in Sicily. He is very strict but nice.

I practice this sport with great passion and my coach teaches me not simply the techniques but also the respect of the rules, the respect for myself and other people, friendship, self – discipline and humility, self- confidence, perseverance and determination. In judo you must be constant if you want to achieve your goals. I train five days a week, I have some competitions too and I’m going well. My goals are to win at the Olympic games and to become a world champion. I hope to enter “Guardia di Finanza” and the Fiamme Gialle, the sport section of this Italian police force.

Judo never tires me and I like meeting my friends at the gym. I would not change this sport for any reason in the world.

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Davide Sturiale


II A – Furci Siculo

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