Johnny Depp’s trial of ex-wife, Amber Heard

Agenzia Giornalistica Italiana (AGI) is an italian news agency, founded in 1950. The agency was based in Rome and another in the European Union at Bruxelles. This company broadcasts daily news reports focusing on chronicles, politics,  the economy, finance, culture, entertainment and sports. The AGI as well as ANSA broadcasts its news in six different languages. Other than news reports in Italian, there are also news reports in  English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Regarding the following agency, the area on which I prefer to focus on  is based on culture and entertainment. Lately this news is particularly popular on social media, this concerns Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber.  Johnny denies the ex-wife’s accusations stating that he never beat her and never raised his hands on any woman in his life. I chose to talk about this argument, because Johnny Depp is an American actor very prestigious, and since in Italy there is not much talk of this, probably few people know this question, which could also be viewed superficially, but it is an argument very delicate, given that there is talk of violence against women, a topic that has been much discussed especially in recent times. Amber Heard and Johnny Deeps court cases, brings importance on to the topic of domestic violence, especially domestic violence towards men. Amber Heard’s accusations were detrimental to Deep’s career, taking him out from his movies. However, throughout the trials Most evidence points to Heard being abusive. This shows how the assumption that men don’t experience domestic violence is wrong and can be dangerous. With certainty I do not know the reality of the facts, but I intend to focus on the importance of the problem, domestic violence and violence against women.

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