January 21: the day of “hugs”

On January 21, the world celebrates the day of “hugs”, a day dedicated to the simplest way of expressing affection. This event was created by the priest Kevin Zaborney, in Michigan, in 1986, but soon it spread all over the world.This day is celebrated to make it easier for the people to show their love and affection towards their loved ones and it emphasizes on the importance of expression of affection through hugs.

Over the years many psychologists have studied the positive effect of hugs. The American doctor David Schnarch declared that the hug is a very deep bond of love, a way to lower stress, anxiety and feel less lonely.

It seems like a mockery to talk about the hugging day right now, when hugs are off limits. We miss so much this simple and obvious gesture that we usually exchanged when we met our friends, but it doesn’t mean people cannot celebrate this day. In some nursing homes, hugging rooms have been created where the elderly can hug their loved ones.

It should be nice to think about some safe, feel-good hug alternatives. We could express our feelings in a different way: we could send messages, photos, videos and virtual hugs to people we love; we could say the word “hug” when we meet them and, in the meantime, think that we are really hugging them. We could draw “hugs” and send them to our friends.

And if we want to hug someone but stay safe, let’s hug our wonderful pets!

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