In the latter period, the deaths of homeless people who, not having a home, spend their days in the street, are becoming more and more widespread.

Homeless people die up to 30 years earlier than the population average and are at an increased risk for mental illness, substance abuse and other problems.

Since the beginning of November, many homeless people have died on the streets because of the cold, just think that 9 have died only in Rome.

The last one was found on Saturday morning on the steps at the entrance to the town hall in Ostia. Nine deaths because of cold are un unacceptable number for the Italian capital.

Winter this year came during a pandemic which worsened the conditions of those who live in the street. We need to act quickly. This year the municipality offered 800 beds, while Caritas and other associations welcome about 1700 people.

For the 3000 homeless people who spend the night outdoors in Rome, the community of Sant’Egidio asks for the immediate availability of buildings, hotels and other structures and, in addition, the maximum generosity and solidarity from the population.

The community is also launching a collection of aid for those who live on the street throughout Italy. You can participate in different cities by bringing blankets, sleeping bags and wool accessories to the collection centers.

It’s important to show the utmost kindness and cooperation to help these poor people.

Asprea Laura IID  14/03/2022

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Laura Asprea


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