One of the most popular pastimes in Italy is watching television and people spend many hours watching TV programs.

There are a lot of TV channels and many personal satellite dishes which can receive programs from other countries.

National programs are under two jurisdictions: three national networks (RAI 1, RAI 2 e RAI 3) and three major private networks (RETE 4, CANALE 5 e ITALIA 1).

The basic difference between them is that the first one is state-funded national TV channels and citizens have to pay the annual fee while the others are privately funded TV channels without licence fee.

With a suitably equipped television set you can also gain access to teletext which offers the possibility of up to date information.

Italian television is famous for the high quality of its serious news, current affairs as well as drama.

The Italian channels are visible all over the world.

I like to see Netflix which is a subscription streaming service that allows you to watch ad-free TV series and movies on an internet connected device.

My favorite TV Netflix series is “Free Rein”, a British television series which is split over three seasons.

There are three main locations where the filming of the series takes place. The first is in England and the two are in Wales.

Zoe, a 15-year-old Californian girl, spends the summer on an island off the coast of England, in her grandfather’s house, where she befriends a mysterious and dangerous horse.

The bond that is created will help Zoe cope with problems in the family.

He discovers family secrets, will have new friends, problems with kids, deceptions and adventures everywhere.

I like it a lot because I love horses and I understand the bond between Zoe and hers.

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