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According to statistics, in 2019, tourism in Italy had set its own historical record, it had reached 436.74 million visitors and 131.38 million tourists. Of the total visitors, 220.7 million were attributed to foreign tourists; of the total arrivals, about 50% were attributable to foreigners. Italy is one of the most visited states in the world because it’s full of natural beauty, famous architectural monuments and especially due to the delicious food.

In an ever-changing tourism system, the Italian Hôtellerie system has been under intense pressure from increasingly fierce competition for alternative proposals.

Looking at the graph below, we can see the distribution of arrivals and presences between the various types of hotel facilities.

In the winter holidays, tourists prefer to spend time in the north of Italy, where people can practice winter sports in the beautiful Alps. In fact, the hotels offer many services such as Spa & Health center or thermal baths.

Instead in summer, the islands and places near the sea are the first choices. So in this period are popular resorts and holiday villages, especially in the holiday villages there are animations made by friendly people. Moreover, the hotels offer swimming pools and whirlpools.

Other types of services that there are throughout Italy are free WiFi, restaurants with buffets for breakfast, reception 24/7, electronic kettles, and hair dryers. In some more specialized hotels, there are fitness rooms, rooms for disabled people, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Within a hotel, safety is one of the elements that more than any other must be guaranteed, both for guests and for the structure itself. All the systems of firefighting, anti-theft, emergency calls, detectors for gas leaks, and water leaks are indispensable for the happy and safe overnight stay of tourists.

Therefore, it isn’t difficult to draw the conclusion that a holiday in Italy does no harm to anyone regardless of what period you choose.

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