It was in 2020 when….

The state of emergency began 2 years ago with the arrival of Covid 19.
Covid 19 is a worldwide virus that can be lethal for the most vulnerable or people with pathologies.
The sudden arrival of this virus shocked everyone, changing the lives of each of us, including mine.
We started using masks, gloves, sanitizers and any object that guaranteed the protection of people.
We experienced several quarantines, the first lasting 3 months in March 2020. Being in quarantine we could not see friends or family, etc. terrifying, it was like war time. We could no longer celebrate birthdays, go out with friends and go to the cinema and gyms.
They closed all the schools by activating the distance learning and the office workers started smart working, that is, working from home.
We could go shopping once a week always using gloves and a mask. The hospitals, especially the Lombard ones, were collapsing, the deaths were increasing until Covid 19 reached us. They began to build new hospitals, there were almost a thousand victims a day. The president of the council who at that time was Giuseppe Conte divided the different countries into: red zone, orange zone, yellow zone and white zone. Every two weeks through the news it published DPCM or decrees indicating the country’s positivity rate, each country that exceeded a certain number of positives was placed in the red zone and then in quarantine. The first DPCM was issued with the discovery of patient 1 from Codogno. There was nothing else on the news, there were videos of military vans carrying dead corpses due to covid in Bergamo and placed next to each other in coffins. Those who were in the hospital being in incubation could not receive visits from relatives. With the passage of time the virus has mutated, as the variants have also changed, many people have vaccinated against the covid.

Now for many people including me the virus is a normal flu so much that the masks are only used in closed places and we will gradually remove them for good, others are still terrified and constantly use masks and sanitizers.
We can go to the gyms again, go out with friends, see family members, work and teach activities are also resumed.
The pandemic was a strange and bad experience.
I hope that the situation will not change in October because I would no longer want to go back to the life of two years ago.

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Sophia Sturiale


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