It is never too late to be happy .  

 It is never too late to be happy . But what is happiness?  When and to what age is it possible to be happy?
Happiness is a word whose elusive and floating meaning requires no sterile knowledge but a rainbow open heart . It is ageless and timeless. It pops up when we don’t expect it. Epicure said that it is possible to ” feel” happy at any age. There is no age limit for happiness. Ageing doesn’t make us unhappy. But why that? Because, as Giovanni Pascoli expressed in his “poetics of the child” the little child living in our heart is evergreen and thus always able to appreciate the little things. He looks at the world with innocent eyes, full of wonder. Because our little  child always sees the good side of the coin and everything can make him happy.

Events , however , can cause our unhappiness. Sometimes we may hear elder people say that they haven’t known happiness. It is due to the difficult experiences that have affected their life for good. Let’s not forget that They are the generation of those who have survived through the most brutal times of human history. Just think of how World War II may have upset their childhood  and  their mind ,  shaping them the people that they are . Their eyes are still sad. They are often hopeless, they now think that it is too late for them to find their happiness. Following a deterministic viewpoint, they think that it is impossible to change our life, however, a change is possible, if we strongly want it.

Lately, Covid-19 has made man’s life miserable once again and last but not least, the tragic events of our days in Ukraine seem to predict a terrible catastrophe in a short future. But Man has been endowed with a life force he has to find out in his heart. It’s always time to regenerate like spring in the cycle of seasons.                                   Man is called to a continuous struggle for survival. Every moment , every day It’s time to react and ‘taste’ again the good feelings of life .We are asked “to take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing end them ”. Despite all hardships, a ray of happiness may kiss us as a ray of sunshine does with the grass on a dark wintry day, whether old or young.

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