It all started in China…

The pandemy started in 2020 in China. All of us were afraid about the virus,SARS-CoV-2, but it was still far. Months later in Italy a person contracted the virus. When this happened some classmates and I were invited to Rome and unfortunately the trip was canceled. At first I was happy because all schools were closed for 2-3 week and then the cases increased only in north Italy. I live in south Italy so I wasn’t afraid at all. Everyone knows the story of Covid and now it’s about to finish. I think this wasn’t a bad experience in quarantine: I learned how to cook something,I had more time for my parents and brother,obviously I had more time to play too. I haven’t had the vaccine yet because I have already contracted the covid. I heard someone that wanna tell about this experience at his son/daughter and this and that means this pandemy will not be forgotten easily. Maybe something will be written in school books. For many people the emergency state has been a good experience but we must remember that millions of people died and someone passed this quarantine without a part of family or other people,anyway this emergency state is about to end(we hope) and many thing will come normal: we should no longer wear the mask and stay distant.

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Bryan Medici


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