Today veterans of a pandemic, the question that arises spontaneously to almost all people of any age group is what have we done with our time? How did two years of our life fly and above all what did we do with it?

As a teenager, I wonder what time is this? Do I know how to dare a definition? YES all of us have been morally marked by this emergency and only today can I say that Time is magnificent, Time is friendship; it helps people get closer. Time is play; makes you live your life happy. Time is love; it helps to be together more and to fall in love, Time is us is the experience that you live and that you do not stay still, that you have to move and you have to live it in every moment. But I wonder if this covid wasn’t there? Would my time have been the same, would I have experienced the same emotions, the same fears? Would I have matured like now, would I have been marked by that? Would I have given a hug a weight to a handshake like now?

Could I go back, would I change my life? Ambiguous question that arises spontaneously after watching a Netflix tv series, 15 years again. It’s about a girl, now an adult dissatisfied with her life who tries to change the past so that she can live a present that has adapted to what she really wants.

Anita, the protagonist of this series, takes refuge in her old bedroom, turns on her old computer and accesses a photoblog she opened when she was a teenager. The effect allows her to be projected fifteen years into the past, to when her life had changed totally: with the experience of 30 years, Anita thus finds herself in her 15-year-old body, ready to change everything, starting with her own first day of school. What if we were Anita? Are we really going to try to change these years of our life? My answer is no because time is a precious asset, given to us so that we become better, wiser, more mature, even if these years have been fueled by fears, anxieties, paranoia, they have also served to sensitize us to make us truly understand the value of life; they made us understand that instead of staying behind a screen we need to socialize, to experience the outside world and all its nuances, it made us really know ourselves by showing us that none of us has limits, that we are so strong that we can overcome everything that life puts before us.

We think of our past with a little nostalgia, we live our present with the determination to achieve our goals and we build our future by putting our dreams at the base and above all with the awareness that the latter two have given us. So, unlike Anita, we turn off that computer and try to live this time that will never come back to us, being aware that these are the best years of our life and that what really matters are not the years of your life, but the life that you put in those years.

I answered the question and you, would you really like to be Anita instead?

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