Christmas is over. As every year, everyone gave something to their parents and friends, everyone celebrated and had fun, but is there anything else that we could have done?

Even at Christmas there are a lot of people who suffer for their social and economic conditions or for the most varied reasons. Unfortunately, being a time of celebration, very often we don’t think (or we “forget”) all of this and just focus only on “What can I give to him/her?”, forgiving those who really need something.

It would be right to remember that there are many little things that we can do for others, starting from volunteering or for safeguarding the environment, until you get to all the other fields, and it would be a very nice action for example to help our fellow citizens most in difficulty, as those who live in difficult situations and can’t live Christmas as we do.

The meaning of Christmas shouldn’t be to give something to someone close to us. 

Rather, what we could do is help those who really need it, even with the help of associations, and the various institutions that are present in the area. We can use markets that are already organized in Italy and in the world, to help who is in difficulty with the proceeds of the sales.

THIS is the real meaning of Christmas.

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Francesco Velardita – Alberto Messina



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