Is the pandemic over?

Is the pandemic really over? I hope so.

I spent these two years of the pandemic in a superficial way because it seemed a little bit strange to me since I had never heard the name quarantine before. We had online lessons and there were so many new rules to respect. For example, a family could go out to buy basic necessities just once a week.
There were also the colors to see the regions at risk or not. The colors were: yellow, orange and red; after they added the white color. Buying the masks was impossible, the gloves were a little easier to find. People went out onto the balconies and cried “everything will be fine” all
together. The Italian anthem was sung, the train of wishes etc. Then after a couple of months that we were in quarantine the president gave the permission to go out for a while but always respecting the safety rules. Later the Ministry of Health invited people over 70/80 first and then 60/50 to get the the vaccine. Young people were invited to vaccine too.
To sit at the bar or in a restaurant people had to have the greenpass, first only in indoor places and after both outside and inside. In september 2021 we came back to school and we had online lessons only in case of infection.

Now the green pass is no longer compulsory in indoor places and schools are starting to take trips.

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Miriam Maccarrone


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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