Is the ideal teacher only an unreasonable dream?

– How would a good teacher be? What are its characteristics?

Today, fortunately, each person has his personality and his thought on what is best for him, and then through free will, we can express our opinion and choose what looks most like us. I think there is no ideal teacher that can exist in the real world, because we are human beings and therefore, we are all capable of making mistakes and we are not perfect, moreover the basic concept of ideal implies a personality that in the practical action would be hard to connect with.

If I had to express my opinion on who might be the ideal teacher’s prototype, I would like to have a fair teacher who makes us understand and love the subject he teaches because if his lesson is pleasant students will be in a good mood while learning a given subject and especially will study with more effort and go to school with a heart filled with more than joy. In addition, I think that the harsh criticism students are often subject to is useless, because their commitment must be assessed independently by the outcome of the oral, and in a particular way, the written tests. Pointing the finger at students who have done no harm, will lead them to perform terribly, and this could affect several sensitive teens and demoralize them, so there is no point in acting in a negative way toward young people.

In conclusion, teachers must talk to their students and try to understand them and especially put good grades without distinction, because there is always in each class a student who studies a lot and secretly put a lot of effort into becoming a better person, but in school, it might not be noticed by others, because of their timid character. I also think the teacher should give up on giving homework because free time and holidays especially are made so that students should relax instead of thinking about school, as this is one of the major causes of the outbreak of anxiety disorders in recent years.

I sure hope my ideal teacher could become real, someday, if that was the case, many students could have the chance to enjoy their youth to the fullest and be content with their performance in school.

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