Is mobile phone bad for your health?

Today everybody has got a mobile, children, adults and old people. Mobiles are very useful for our life because they are not only a tool for making calls but they are also a mean of communication with the whole world. All the world use it for different purposes, internet connection, apps for everything, games, pictures and so on. Nobody knows that they are extremely dangerous for our health. Some scientific experts state that the excessive use of cellular devices can lead to an increased risk of getting cancer. Other studies do not affirm this theory; but everyone agrees on reducing the time of little ones. In any case, the “World Health Organization” has declared that it would be advisable to reduce the time by at least half an hour a day, to prevent getting sick until there are concrete certainties. It is very important to inform the population about these electronic risks because they are very bad for your health. Research has concluded that there is no other link between cell phone light and cancer. Other researches instead come to opposite conclusions.However there is the risk of glioblastoma brain tumori s always possible if you spend much time on using mobile.For this reason “The World Health Organization” has decided to take precautions and has classified the 2b radio sequences of possible”carcinogens” the same as that of caffeine. The community is willing to reduce the time exposure to electromagnetic fields especially for children. Of course we must use mobile with precaution, we must reduce the use of it until we do not have the correct data from the scientists. In conclusion, it is better stop using it all day long but only when it is necessary.

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