Michael Jackson died in 2009, following a cardiac arrest caused by acute intoxication by Propofol, but rumors that see him still alive follow each other day after day. The latest was launched on social media, maybe unwittingly, by his daughter Paris Jackson.

The girl posted on Instagram an ambiguous shot that, when tightened in the right way, shows the face of the king of pop.

In the image, the girl is driving her car and a face appears on the back seat that seems to be that of the singer. Also, the man wears a hat that is the one used by the king of pop in one of his most famous videos, “Thriller”.

The shot went viral in a flash. For the most avid fans, there is no doubt: the silhouette that appears in the photograph published by Paris is that of the moonwalk star.

Before the shot shared by Paris, it was Steve Erhardt, Jackson’s stylist, who rekindled the hopes of fans. The man had declared that the singer was hiding from the world waiting to calm things down regarding the allegations of child abuse.

This is just one of the hundreds of pieces of evidence that Michael Jackson is still alive; every day are reported sightings of men who might be him. Obviously, there are no certainties and probably the mystery will never be solved, but doesn’t it seem strange to you that there is someone with an identical face?

I mean, is Jackson still alive? We can’t know, but the mystery continues. We waste being able to discover the truth sooner or later

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Simona Romano


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