After two years spent in quarantine making improvised recipes, training and video calls with relatives, the nightmare of COVID seems to be over, but is it really over?

For many worldwide countries and in Europe, restrictions are already (or are about to be) a distant memory: 

•Austria has eliminated the vaccination obligation.

•In France, they have put an end to distances, masks in closed places and the green pass.

•In Spain, young people can have fun in discos without worrying about the mask or the green pass.

•In the United Kingdom, the green pass and the mask abandoned the thoughts of the British already in mid-January as well as in Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

•Israel, the first country to introduce the green pass, has eliminated mandatory vaccination to access public places and workplaces.

And in Italy? The Italian situation regarding covid, even if softened by the spring, is not improving that much: 100,000 new cases a day. The positivity rate is around 15.6%. While all the other countries seem to have forgotten about COVID, we seem to be chained. However, Italy hopes to be able to make Italians enjoy a 2022 summer without restrictions and with more hugs.

I hope you found my post interesting!

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Sofia Blandina




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