Is DIY, DIYing?

“Do it yourself”, shortened in DIY, is the act of building, modifying, or repairing things by oneself, using techniques, and tools available to everyone. It has been practiced pretty much since the dawn of man. However, is it still going strong to this day and age, or is this practice becoming obsolete with the progress of society and technology?

The term “do-it-yourself” has been associated with consumers since at least 1912 primarily in the domain of home improvement and maintenance activities. The phrase “do it yourself” had come into common usage (in standard English) by the 1950s, in reference to the emergence of a trend of people undertaking home improvement and various other small craft and construction projects as both a creative-recreational and cost-saving activity. Subsequently, the term DIY has taken on a broader meaning that covers a wide range of skill sets: designing, creating, customizing, and repairing items or things without any special training, are but some of them.

Nowadays, practicing arts and crafts is something people start doing from kindergarten, by making small artworks with everyday objects. Moreover, many stores are centred around the topic of DIY, with some of the most well-known ones being, for example, Ikea, Bricocenter, or Brico Idea, these are the centres for creative and talented people, they prove DIY is still being successful and doesn’t show any signs of dwindling.

At the end of the day, it seems DIY, like most other crafts and hobbies, is a big deal to many people, while others, even if they don’t ignore its existence, don’t think much about or of it. It’s just a matter of personal preferences, however, it is undeniable that DIY is a great chance for personal growth, on top of the general benefits of doing something during leisure time. What about you? Would you ever give DIY a try?

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