Journalist: Hi, I’m here today to ask you some questions.

 Cristiano Ronaldo: Hi, that’s okay for me.

Journalist: Can we start?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Yes

Journalist: Ok 

Journalist: What’s your name?

 Cristiano Ronaldo: My name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. 

Journalist: Why did your parents choose this name?

Cristiano Ronaldo: They chose it for various reasons: Cristiano for my mom’s Christian faith and Ronaldo in honor of Ronald Reagan, my father’s favorite actor and president of the United States at the time.

 Journalist: How many children do you have?

Cristiano Ronaldo: I have 4 children, their names are Cristiano Junior, Mateo, Eva, Alana Martina. 

Journalist: Who is the firstborn?

Cristiano Ronaldo: The firstborn  is Cristiano Junior, he is 10 years old.

Journalist: How old are you?

 Cristiano Ronaldo: I am 36 years old.

Journalist: What nationality are you? 

Cristiano Ronaldo: I’m Portuguese. 

Journalist: How many and which teams have you played in your career? 

Cristiano Ronaldo: I played in 4 different teams: Sporting Lisbon, Manchester Utd, Real Madrid and Juventus.

Journalist: Have you ever appeared in the Golden Ball ranking? 

Cristiano Ronaldo: yes, 5 times.

 Journalist: Which team are you currently in? 

Cristiano Ronaldo: I am currently in Juventus.

Journalist: what role do you have in Juventus?

Cristiano Ronaldo: striker.

Journalist:OK, the interview is over, goodbye.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Goodbye.



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