The international women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of march all over the world and  for a long time we have associated this day to an event: the fire of a New York’s factory in 1908 when a lot of women left their lives. It is important to remember this date for all the women whose rights are violated and for those who are killed every day all over the world.

One of these cases is that of a citizen of our hometown, Siracusa. Her name was Eligia Ardita; she died at the age of 36, a month before giving birth to her baby, Giulia. She was killed by her husband Cristian during a fight in their home. Their relationship had been weak since their wedding because of financial problems and constant fights. One day Eligia was first hit on her head by her husband and then suffocated. After the fight Cristian cleaned everything up and called the emergency number. After the investigation, and under pressure for what he had done, he confessed everything to the police, so on the 5th of december 2018 Cristian was sentenced to life imprisonment. Nowadays Eligia’s family still continue their battle against violence on women with their foundation.

To fight domestic aggressions, one year ago, a canadian’s femminist foundation proposed a hand gesture called “Signal For Help” to report in a silent way an abuse or to send an SOS even with the presence of the abuser. The signal can be done during a video call, when you receive a parcel from a courier service and even if you walk along the street. This signal consists in bending the thumb towards the palm of the hand, keeping the other four fingers up and then closing them into a fist.

We have to learn from our past and try to reach gender equality at all costs, because we can’t stand hearing about all those women who are still killed or abused. Violence isn’t the key!

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Sara Battiato, Giorgia Rafalà, Sara Santangelo, Paolo Marte