On Rai1 tonight the replica of the last episode of the series entitled “Salvo amato, Livia mia” will be broadcast.

Sicily has always been a great reference for the Italian cinema and one of the most fascinating places in the world, which mixes history, architecture, gastronomy and nature.

The series of inspector Montalbano is a crime detective genre where the protagonist interpreter of the inspector is Luca Zingaretti, which has been broadcast on Rai for more than 20 years. Among the various characters, the most comical one who attracts the public’s attention is the assistant switchboard operator of the commissioner whose name is Catarella because he has a crippled language and has some bizarre movements.

The series deals with the novels of Andrea Camilleri, a Sicilian writer who tells the story of Salvo Montalbano, police commissioner in the imaginary town of Vigata, grappling with mafia crimes, murders, and kidnapping. Thanks to his investigation’s intuition, the inspector manages to find the right lead even after so many vicissitudes.

The place where the events of the series take place often has fictional names such as Vigata which, however, has been identified as Porto Empedocle, while Gela is Fela and behind Fiacca there is Sciacca. So most of the places are Ragusan.

With the death of Camilleri which happened 2 years ago, Sicily lost a precious spearhead because in addition to being a writer he was also an Italian screenwriter, director, playwright, and teacher; therefore the whole Italy lost a multifaceted person. But thanks to his novels and the tv-serie, he’ll be always remembered.

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