Indoor Masks: Why Italians Didn’t Really Say Goodbye.

It is the Vanity Fair article that explains why, despite the fact that a mask is no longer mandatory from 1 May 2022, the Italian population largely decides to wear it anyway.

“It depends on the single approach to safety procedures: there are people more anxious and less “confident” who keep it in doubt. It would be more emotionally costly for them to take it off.” says the psychologist Anna Maria Giannini about it.

And he adds: “A habit acquired in two years of consecutive attention by obligation can not be canceled in a day”.

This is what the psychologist who tried to motivate this choice of wearing a mask even in places where the obligation no longer exists, says. Contagion is still possible, so at least 90% of people wear a mask when they go shopping.

 The psychologist, however, adds: “It will take some time to eliminate extremism in the use or not of the mask, but I am not sure that we will completely eliminate the use.”

The Vanity Fair article was published on 3.05.2022.

Woman wearing face mask buying bottled water in supermarket/drugstore with sold-out supplies.Prepper buying bulk supplies due to Covid-19 or Coronavirus and panic buying concept.

From 1 May masks will no longer be required in bars and restaurants (both inside and outdoors), shops, shopping malls, post offices, banks, night clubs, public offices, gyms, hairdressers, barbers and beauticians.

Until 15 June, masks must continue to be worn on all forms of public transport, cinemas and theatres, hospitals and care homes, indoor sporting events and concerts, schools and universities.

The more protective FFP2 masks must be worn on all local and long-distance public transport – including buses, trams, subways, regional trains, high-speed trains, ferries and planes until 15 June.

The FFP2 masks will be worn in cinemas, theatres and for all indoor shows such as concerts.

Masks must continue to be worn in schools until the end of the current academic year. The obligation, which applies to children over the age of six, will however see students allowed to wear the regular surgical mask rather than the FFP2 variety from 1 May.

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