Indie music is more than a musical genre, it is defined as a musical movement. “Indie” derives from the word “independent” precisely because the musicians who define themselves this way are independent from big record companies, they make music to have fun and to express their thoughts, not just to sell.

It started around the 80s thanks to the publication of a compilation called C86, from that moment on many indie artists appeared, such as Nirvana, Pixies, Soundgarden and many others. As for Italy, on the other hand, indie music began to manifest itself in the 2000s with the artists: Baustelle and I tre allegri ragazzi morti, describing their music as an illustrated subsidiary of youth. After them in Italy this genre was not played much because of the spreading trap and pop music genre that mesmerize teenagers; unexpectedly, in recent years, indie music is returning to be one of the most listened genres, mainly thanks to these artists:

Gli Psicologi: an indie duo made up of two 18-year-olds singers who started writing songs in 2019, immediately gaining great fame thanks to their first single called “Diploma” published on Youtube and receiving a positive response from the teenagers. In their songs they talk about today’s youth, society and how the GenZ sees, they argue that our generation does not struggle much for our rights for disinformation and for  lack of interest and with their songs they want to encourage teenagers not to sit still and look at the mistakes that other generations have made.

Ariete: an 18-year-old indie singer who started to make a career for a year now thanks to the publication of the song “That bar” but the real boom happened featuring with the psychologists in the song “Tatuaggi” published a few months ago.

Franco 126: a singer who began his career in 2016 when he collaborated with Carl Brave (another indie singer) creating the duo “Carl Brave × Franco 126” and releasing their first two singles “Sempre in due” and “Pellaria” , subsequently they released the album “Polaroid”.

What these three artists have in common is the simplicity of their texts which, however, contain very significant and revolutionary messages for young people.

The secret of such a great fame is the transparency in telling their experiences, creating texts containing stories where teenagers can find themselves very easily, thus making young people feel less alone and more understood.

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