The Sambughetti Mountains Nature Reserve is a mountain range about 1550 meters above sea level belonging to the Nebrodi mountain range. In winter you can have a breath-taking view characterized by snow and frozen lakes, while in summer you can enjoy a warmer climate with an environment full of colours, blooming trees; it is possible to hear the cry of animals. From the top of the mountain you can see the neighbourhood territories including the Etna, the Madonie, the Tyrrhenian Sea, Nicosia and Sperlinga with its woods. About the flora of the nature reserve you can notice for example chestnut trees, poplar and after crossing the 1440 meters of height you can see a beech forest known by the name of Bosco della Giumenta. The aquatic vegetation that is located mainly above the lakes has a very important function that is to purify the water. In recent years there is a process of reforestation of pine trees on the warmer side of the mountain. Within the nature reserve there are a lot of animals including hare, rabbit, wild cat, kite, falcon, buzzard. The most important waterfowl are the gallinella, the very rare pigsty and the big tit of Sicily, that is a bird that can be watched in this mountain, there is also the marsh turtle which is in danger of extinction. To get to the Sambughetti Mountains nature reserve is very easy thanks to the asphalt road that has been recently renovated that allows people to arrive in a short time. Visiting the Sambughetti reserve is a fantastic experience especially through a guide who knows the paths, because you have the feeling of being immersed in nature through the various shades of colour and the sounds of the animals.

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