They told you that you must be perfect to please others. You cannot be yourself because you have a thousand flaws. They told you never to show your weaknesses. They told you not to fall in love because someone would break your heart.

We are convinced that we must always look beautiful. We are supposed to show the best part of ourselves, our strengths and our abilities and never our flaws because no one would like them. We think long and hard before doing something because we worry about what people might think of us.

Whenever we have to wear something or act in one way or behave in another way, we always think first about the idea that people can get of us.  We always aim at appearing how they most like and we want be criticized for or looked at badly. We are always careful to be in great shape in the eyes of people, without realizing that first we must impress ourselves. We are too focused on the others’ opinions or on what people think of us, while instead we should focus primarily on ourselves and our well-being.

We prefer to wear a dress that makes us amazing to people’s eyes rather than choose the one with which we feel most comfortable, even if others do not like it. Regardless of your age and the size you wear, do not allow people to decide for you: wear the dress you like best, make up as you like, take that step that makes you so afraid.

Do whatever makes you happy and do it always and only for yourself. People will never stop criticizing. We always tend to look at the defects of others and find the opportunity to judge, while we should look in the mirror and focus only on ourselves: seek our own defects, become aware of them and make sure to improve yourself.

We have to build instead of destroying. Remember: no one can tell you who you can or cannot be; no one can care about dressing in one way rather than in another; no one can tell you what is right and what is not. Always do what makes you happy, even if it is not the right thing. Wear whatever you want, without ever forgetting to wear your smile. Because there is no fear or weakness that holds in front of your smile.

Beautiful people are those who spend their lives loving what they do and loving those around them, who know how to dedicate themselves to others and appreciate what life offers them every day. Don’t worry about those who can do nothing but criticize. Their judgment has no value. You are beautiful. You are beautiful even without makeup. You’re beautiful when you’re unkempt. You’re beautiful because you blush when you’re complimented. You are beautiful because you believe in your dreams and struggle to achieve them. You are beautiful because you are not afraid to make mistakes or show your weaknesses. You are beautiful for the thousand flaws that you have. Because it is your flaws that make you unique and your weaknesses that make you strong. Put your heart and soul into everything you do and fall in love with everything life gives you. True beauty begins when you decide to be yourself. Fall in love with yourself. Loving us is the first step to be happy

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Ludovica Rubulotta


2F L


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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