Images from the Future: a Prophetic Letter

Flooding is a consequence of global warming and climate changing. During a flood, water overflows and submerges dry  lands. Floods  are the most common and widespread natural severe weather events.

This terrible side of Nature has struck my imagination and brought me to write an imaginary letter. It is addressed to the Italian population before a big deluge, like the one described in old myths, which would have devastated humanity.

Ob River Flood June 2015 Aerial View of same houses in vicinity of Nizhnevartovsk, Tyumen region, Russia. Aerial view of the residential area of the suburb of Nizhnevartovsk during the flood of 2015.

To all Italian population!

Dear Italians,

today there has been a dramatic drop in the temperature of our country.  This has caused a lot of damages, overwhelming towns and cities.

But today I’m not warning you for what is happening and what has already happened, but for a much bigger problem that will lead to the destruction of our earth.

We foresee a great deluge for tomorrow, similar to the mythical Great Flood. We foresee that it will be created in northern Italy by mixing the humid wind of the south with the merciless cold of the north.

The whole country will be covered by water.

We invite you all together to create a large boat like Noah’s one to have a chance to survive. Bring your children and animals with you on the boat. Leave out all those bad machines that are causing pollution, resulting in the end of our beautiful country.  Everything on the boat must be ready before the big disaster.

I wish salvation to all of you!

See you on the boat, soldiers!

Over and out!

Sir Dario

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Dario La Rosa


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