Language is constantly changing and it’s an excellent tool to better understand the culture of others, in fact today we see the formation of new words called SLANG.

Slang is a set of words and expressions that are part of the current language but are not present in the vocabulary.

Slangs are born and spread according to their utility in society, because they allow to express themselves through code phrases avoiding too many turns of words. Often they are born for play, in fact they are words without a real connection with what you really want to express.
In addition, most words derive from the annexation between two words of two different languages, such as, for example, English verbs are used among Italian teenagers with the addition of the endings of Italian verbs: “loggare”, “switchare”, “shoppare”, “skippare”….

Today, however, we don’t talk anymore about vocabulary used only by young people, because the language of youth overlaps with the social one, so it is not strange to find an “out of age” who knows some slang.

In my opinion, slang are very important among young people because, by using them, you feel part of the society that surrounds you. They are also useful to save time and to communicate in code with your friends.

Here are some slangs:

Ily = I love you

Wig = attend a surprising event

We got beef = we had a problem

Bruh = abbreviation of Brother

Squad = close friends

Thicc = compliment

Spilling the tea = tell me about the gossip

Throw shade = criticize someone with sarcasm

Basic = trivial

Goat = greatest all the time

OTP = one true paining, a couple you define perfect.

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