Hello everyone, I’m Antonio Di Mauro from class 2 B.

In this article, I will write the biography and the surprising things that the Milanese, enlightener, and jurist Cesare Beccaria did.

Before talking about him, I would like to tell you why this person thrilled me so much that I dedicated an article to him. Cesare Beccaria at the age of only 26 wrote his most important book: “Of crimes and punishments”. This book talks about the real function of the prison, which is not to punish but to re-educate prisoners and get them out of prison not as beasts but as people who have learned from their mistakes, that one does not kill, does not steal, etc. He says that prison serves to prevent thieves and murderers from falling back into the mistake they made before going into prison, then return to society as people who paid for their mistake and consequently became better people.

In fact, about Cesare Beccaria, I liked what he thinks of prison, and I was also amazed by the courage with which he faced all this because he fought for the death penalty to be abolished, and thanks to him the death penalty no longer exists in many countries.

Cesare Beccaria was born on March 15, 1738, in Milan, he was one of the most important jurists and philosophers of the 18th century. He is considered one of the most famous Italian enlighteners. His best known and most famous book throughout Europe is “Dei delitti e delle pene”, which speaks precisely of what I said at the beginning, that is, how important the educational function of prison was.

He is also known as the grandfather of Alessandro Manzoni, and also as one of the founding fathers of the classical theory of criminal law and criminology of the liberal school. Many monuments were dedicated to Beccaria, including a statue in his honor built in 1837 by the sculptor Pompeo Marchesi, located in the staircase of the Palazzo di Brera, another statue was later dedicated to him in 1871 which is located in Piazza Beccaria, an asteroid was also dedicated to him in 8935 Beccaria. Finally, a prison and a prestigious Milanese high school were also dedicated to him.



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