I want a beautiful and meaningful band name… Nirvana and grunge music

Grunge music was born in Seattle in the 90s where counter colture and non conformity were hippie values. It was a mix of rock’n’roll and heavy metal. The word grunge was used to describe the murky-guitar bands, like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Their music and lyrics dealt with themes like social and emotional alienation, self-doubt, abuse, desire of freedom.

My favorite band of that period is Nirvana. Kurt Cobain, the voice and the songwriter, is considered the king of grunge. Cobain gave this name to the group because he did’t want “a mean, raunchy, punk name”, but a meaningful name and the word Nirvana refers to a state of mind characterized by compassion, peace and spiritual joy and where there is no place for negative emotions, such as doubt, worry, anxiety and fear.

Nirvana created 12 albums, the most famous is Nevermind with its very popular songs. This album sold over 10 million copies just in The UK where people started wearing T-shirts with their logo. Nirvana performed 2 important and successful concerts in Italy, too: in Rome and in Bologna. During the grunge period in Italy people wore excessive make-ups and a lot of hair-spray. They lived my teenager’s dream and I’m so jealous of this. I sometimes wish I was born in those years.

I love grunge fashion with its ripped or faded jeans, oversized t-shirts, flannel shirts and black combat boots. Women’s clothing was paired with simple jewelry such as studs bracelets, chokers and hoop earrings and dark lipstick.

I really love this style and Kurt Cobain’s music. I feel really good when I listen to his songs. My favorite song is “Silver”, a semi-autobiographical song about being deserted by your parents. The words tell the story of a little boy left at his grandparents’ house and him screaming to go home.

Kurt Cobain died on April 5th, in 1994 and Nirvana ended with his death. He was the voice and the hearth of the group.

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