Hello guys, today I want to talk about swimming with you.

I think that sport is very important. Many teenagers prefer staying hours and hours watching videos or listening to music, but I love swimming.

This sport is important since childhood: it is important for our body because it makes develop all our muscles and our backbone.

Physical education and swimming have an educational impact.

This sport creates positive relationships and it promotes psychological and social development between people involved in it.

Swimming is a complete sport, it’s my favourite sport.

Children feel comfortable in water and learn how to survive in a different natural environment.

Moreover you can swim not only in the swimming pools but also in our amazing sea. You enter into contact with nature and you grow up stronger. You meet a lot of friends and have a great fun.

I prefer living my life outside and not in front of a TV or a smartphone!

Go out! It’s better for you, it’s better for your health!

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