“Hugging our uniqueness will be beautiful”, so Drusilla Foer at Sanremo 2022

What is it meant by uniqueness? What is your interpretation? Drusilla Foer expresses her point of view at 72nd Sanremo Music Festival. On the third night of the Festival Amadeus chooses exactly Drusilla Foer, alter ego of Gianluca Gori, to host the singing competition with him. Before showing the temporary ranking, the co-host decides to tell the Sanremo public about a topic which is important to her: diversity … or rather, uniqueness. Drusilla starts her monologue by saying that the word “diversity” does not convince her, because it makes her think of something comparative; “uniqueness”, instead, is more persuasive. According to her, each of us is able to recognise others’ uniqueness, but first of all we should learn to recognise ours. However, it is not so simple to get in touch with our uniqueness, and she explains how to do this. We have to take in our hand all the things that live in ourselves, both the beautiful and the ugly ones, and then bring them up shouting “what a beauty, all these things are me! These are me!”. She says, concluding “and hugging our uniqueness will be beautiful… and at that point, I believe, opening up to the uniqueness of the others will be more probable”. Drusilla already feels very lucky to be on the Ariston stage, but she’d like another gift from her audience, that is to perform a revolutionary act: she’s talking about the act of listening. The co-host sends a message to all viewers, Italian and not, to the numerous spectators of this record edition “you promise me, […] that we will try it, we listen to each other, […] we welcome doubt just to be sure that our convictions are not only conventions”. Mrs Foer wants to end her speech saying that if we didn’t apply these principles, we would feel nothing but war. What does she want us to understand? In our opinion, she wants us to understand that the dialogue is essential not to get in conflict one another!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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