How youth fashion affects

Nowadays adolescents, people between the ages of 13 and 19, are engaged in the process
of discovering their personal identity as being separated from their adults for the first time.
Besides driving licenses and the increase of individual privileges, fashion allows them to thw
search of their personal style as an expression of individuality and personality. Teenagers
usually know what they want to wear. They are considered adult enough to purchase their
own clothing. Fashion allows teens to express their attitude towards their peer groups by
aligning with what their friends are wearing. Teens can also mimic the styles of those who
are slightly older than themselves, expressing their aspiration for an eventual public
person.Because of this, many teenagers are well aware of making the right
purchases.Teens are influenced by mass culture and fashion plays an important role in this
exchange. Each generation of teens embraces a number of icons and styles that accompany
that period of their life. Fashion engages teens with mass culture, and their purchases
express their alliances and create a dialogue between teens and marketers who try to
understand their preferences. Teenagers trying to identify with someone in mass culture
often emulate their style as a way of expressing their social preferences and attitudes.

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