How to end a toxic relationship

Have you been wondering if your partner is abusing you, or are you the one invading their personal space?

Pay attention to your emotions and the first signs that can lead to a toxic relationship:

– lack of communication and mutual disinterest: ask your partner if something’s wrong and talk about it, don’t ignore your feelings.

– selfishness: if you or your partner would rather mind your businesses instead of talking to each other, it’s clear that you’re both not interested.

– addiction to intimacy: if you enjoy being intimate in bed with your partner and you notice you can’t live without it, remember that people are not toys to play with, but human beings with feelings. On the other hand, if your partner is invalidating your intimacy without your consent, just for fun, tell them “No” and express your feelings.

– closed mentality: you or your partner don’t accept new ideas, new changes, or new friends. It can also happen that you two always end up in an argument because of contrasting ideas.

It might also be that you’re already in a toxic relationship. Let’s take a look at the signs:

– abuse: you or your partner yell, shout, mistreat or use violence. This is the most common sign and may lead to more serious consequences. Immediately break up if this happens.

– criticism: making a mistake is okay, but getting criticized and humiliated everyday is not. Talk to your partner and discuss this disgusting behavior.

– excuses: you might find excuses not to go out with your partner or lie to them.

– cheating: if a relationship isn’t satisfying, you might opt for another. However, don’t do that without telling your current partner.

– ghosting: your partner doesn’t miss you or text you, saying they’re too busy.

These are the most common signs of a toxic relationship.

If you notice any of these, immediately tell your partner and break up.

Protect yourselves and the others.

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