How would you define a successful person? Maybe an ambitious and controlling  person?. I don’t know, because it is extremely difficult. Personality is surely really important, but it is not enough. Being a successful person not always depends by a flexible work, or by financial freedom, or by travelling around the world. Many other elements contribute to create a person of success. Firstly, it is important to promote positive thinking; secondly, learn from failures and maintain good relationships; thirdly, seek as much knowledge as you can; finally, control emotions and feelings. For some people, success is just as having wealth and power, but it is certainly clear that it will not come easily at all. However, success is personal and unique to each person.

According to Leo Ho, founder of CEO of Lifehack, many things are necessary if you want to become a successful person:

.Think big

.Find what you love to do and do it

.Learn how to balance life

.Do not be afraid of failure

.Have an unwavering resolution to succeed

.Be a person of action

.Don’t be afraid of introducing new ideas

.Believe in your capacity

.Always maintain a positive mental attitude

.Be willing to work hard

.Be brave

And so on…

Most of them depend by a correct state of mind and it needs a strong mental approach. It is not easy! Ambition and motivation are surely good powers, but even intelligence and a good attitude towards the others are necessary. It’s importanto to know what to do and where to go.  We live in a age where motivation is everywhere, but your sources of motivation are are going to be different than the next person. Start each day with the best of intentions.



Tartaro Samuele


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