Probably when you hear the word Canada, you think of a cold country in the north of the United States, of hockey and of the maple leaf on the flag, or again of the maple syrup…but let me tell you more, with these interesting facts you should know if you plan to visit this wonderful country, or even if you don’t.

One of Canada’s major tourist attractions is the Great Lakes region located on the border with the United States, where the majestic Niagara Falls are located. This huge region includes five breathtaking lakes: Lake Superior, Lake Michingan, Lake Huron, Lake Herie, and Lake Ontario.

A long journey to visit them all, at least in part.

-When talking to a Canadian, never call him an American, he might be offended! Both Canadians and Americans tend to emphasize their differences.

Nothing personal, it’s probably a matter of geopolitics but real humour has been created now.

Canadians in terms of education certainly consider themselves less loud and arrogant, while Americans emphasize the language cadence and some different Canadian customs such as Thanksgiving which in Canada falls on the second Monday of October.

There are plenty of films and TV series that feature this American-Canadian humour if you’re interested in knowing more.

I didn’t believe it either, but in Canada, you can see whales at the estuary of the St Lawrence River. Of course, the St Lawrence River is huge, so it feels like being in the ocean, but when you go on a whale-watching trip, you are still in the fresh waters of the river. Here the freshwater mixes with the saltwater of the ocean, creating a particularly favourable environment for the presence of krill, the favourite food of these cetaceans.

Tipping is obligatory in clubs. This is common in the United States. The tip is always indicated on the receipt, whether you pay in cash or use a credit card and the amount varies between 10% and 20% of the total amount.

It’s no secret that winters are very cold in Canada. It’s no surprise then that over the years this country has developed an intricate system of underground tunnels, which form true parallel cities.

The largest underground city in Canada is Montreal, called Réso, which has over 30 km of perfectly air-conditioned streets with stores, restaurants, offices and hotels.

But these are just the most distinctive facts…it’s amazing how many other things a big country like Canada can own.

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