It all started in Wuhan, China. Today March 9th, 2021 is exactly one year that Italy started the lockdown and evertything changed. It is absurd to think that it was our last day of normality. A year ago, we never expected such a great change. We said it would never affected us here, yet this virus has conditioned everyone and no one has been excluded.

In my opinion, the first lockdown served to make us conscious of how we took for granted habitual actions. For example, today all those normal actions seem eon years away.Here in Italy based on the color of the regions we have different rules. I live in Calabria and right now my region is yellow, which means that we have less restrictions but we still have many limitations.

Because of social distancing we are experiencing a strong sense of isolation that has led to depression in many cases and at many ages. Are you living in this condition? I am and I hope that things will change soon.

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Candiloro Giorgia


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