Italy has already been facing this emergency for more than a year, with a succession of “open and close” between work activities and personal freedom.  But how much did the lockdown affect our mental health? In a survey of 2207 participants: 19% say they feel calmer, 3% say they feel happier, 39% say they feel more anxious / worried, while 39% say they feel depressed. The president David Lazzari instead collected other data on students: 6 out of 10 students feel stressed, in fact 1 out of 3 would like to have psychological support; 4 out of 10 students declare that they have had negative repercussions on the time spent on books; 3 out of 10 students say they feel apathetic and tired, and finally 2 out of 10 teens feel worried and irritable. School is not just  the transmission of content or data, but it is also the place where human relationships occur. In all this situation that has never happened before, there is someone who got used to this new lifestyle.  This happens because for someone quarantine can represent a condition capable of promoting a state of mental equilibrium. After the first two weeks of confusion and disorientation, we are accustomed to a new life, made up of gestures and actions that have taken on a reassuring function, creating in one’s life and in one’s home a new comfort zone made up of a life without stress. The spread of the Coronavirus has overwhelmed our lives in every aspect, but also in a positive sense. For once we are all the same, we are all experiencing this drama; it is reminding us how precious our health and our family are. We often take them for granted, and instead, in this moment of difficulty our family is the anchor to rely on, what’s more it can be a moment of reflection and understanding in which we can learn from our mistakes, the opportunity to change what had to be changed, to redesign our life; we feel in a community, never like before, at this moment everyone’s collaboration is necessary: ​​only with unity can we win this battle. Finally, we respect nature: since we are forced to stay indoors, nature is resurfacing. In fact, at the moment Italy is first in Europe for waste recycling. But what are the long-term effects of this situation? There are many studies carried out on situations similar to this one we are experiencing. For example, a study published in “The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence” by The Lancet tells us that among people in conditions of prolonged isolation, symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress could occur fear, frustration, nervousness, irritability, sleep disturbances, confusion, depression, feelings of loneliness, anger and the use of alcohol and substance abuse. 

But how to counter all this? Here are some tips: welcome the emotions related to this particular moment, you cojfide, cry as much as you want, if you feel sad or anxious, bring out this feeling; make good use of your time: study, relax, draw, write, read, listen to music, watch movies, play games, consolidate social relationships (also through video calls); respect those you live with, when people see each other all day every day in a limited space for long time, everyone gets bored and stressed, try to ignore the slightest things that can generate conflict; create your own routine, set goals and daily plans to refer to; allow yourself some space and prizes, take some space for yourself to reflect on your life and occasionally  gratify  yourself, maybe  with some sweets.  Keep calm, try to focus more on the positive things of this period; do not neglect yourself even if you spend days locked in the house;  finally fix the house: living in a tidy environment generates a sense of mental order with consequent positive feelings.

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