How beauty can go to one’s head

Today, in our society, the physical aspect is the only thing that really matters. You give importance to the number visualized on a weighing scale. It’s this that tells you who you are or who you can be. Although each body is  uniqueness, people  will always be ready to judge you, every sentence produces a scar that will be forever on your skin, ready to hurt you. Every time you will hear those voices that overlap and remind you how you were getting close to perfection and never got it.

“You should lose weight!”

“You eat too much!”

“You are too skinny!”

“Are you sure you’re beautiful?”

Beauty standards are like masterpieces that reflect the artistic trends of their historical period but they don’t last for a long time. The same happens with the beauty standards. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an example of art beauty, you can’t do without thinking of “Venus” by Botticelli. It doesn’t meet today’s standards, yet I find it magnificent, so perfect in its imperfection. How many times have you felt judged for your physical appearance? How many times have you felt embarrassed just because you are different from your classmates? How many times have you tried to go on a diet and eat healthy, for something that often does not even depend on you, but on your physical condition?

Today’s fashion wants you skinny, but how will tomorrow’s fashion want you? Just because you’re not trendy today, it doesn’t mean you won’t be trendy tomorrow.  Don’t change your look for the others, do it for yourself, if it makes you feel more confident and beautiful.

We talk a lot about beauty, but why don’t we talk about all those who have decided, because of these standards of beauty, to let themselves pass away?

About all those who have gorged themselves on food and all those who have stopped eating? About all those who still see themselves fat when they’re looking at the mirror? About all those who wish to trace the “perfect contours” with a permanent marker and would prefer to cut everything left over with scissors?

I wish my voice could join theirs. I would like to be able to give them the strength they need to be free. I would like to deal with each of their stories, just to make them understand that being thin does not make them perfect.

And while my words are slipping away like the water from a waterfall, I want my soul to join theirs and make each of their stories everlasting.

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Claudia Conte


III C Scuola Secondaria Primo Grado , Istituto Comprensivo Primo – Milazzo (ME)


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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