If you visit Sicily you must absolutely see some places that tourists may not know about. Sicily is a very big island and there are a lot of places still unknown, such as some little towns and amazing wild places. This is why here you will find a travel journey written during a surprising summer holidays my friend Alessia went on with her family around Sicily. Take this chance to learn about these awesome buried treasures. 

Hi, I’m Alessia, I’m 16, last summer I visited eastern Sicily with my family and this is my travel journey.

Day 1, 20/08 

Val di Noto, its beauty was well presented in an article on “New York Times”. An operational meeting was held for the candidacy of Val di Noto as Italian Capital of Culture 2020. Below there was an itinerant festival involving three places: Noto, Arcireale and Marzamemi. An interesting event to discover how artistic techniques are expression of popular culture. The realization of original and unique artifacts and works, in fact the combination of traditional knowledge, artisan experience and the ability to creatively use the materials that nature offers is made possible. Indeed, I noticed a small difference: baroque style in Catania, the materials are dark grey; in Noto, the main colour is honey yellow. 

Noto, provincia di Siracusa
Marzamemi, provincia di Siracusa

Day 2, 21/08 


The small town of Marzamemi is very impressive. It is an ancient fishing village, set around the a beautiful coast it was a fishing port and developed thanks to this activity, still practiced today. Its “Tonnara” is one of the most important in Sicily.  I had never seen such a charming village before. Its landscape could be taken for granted by islanders, but this place has been recognized as worth of a lot of adverts where to show enchanting places in Sicily. Near the square of Marzamemi there is a path that leads to the sea. I went there when the sun was about to set, it was a breathtaking view!  I think that places like this may only be found in Sicily and everyone should be able to see them. 

Marzamemi seaside
Gole del Drago, Corleone

Day 3, the day back home

While we were coming home, I asked my father if he knew a place where to have a bath and he answered that when he was young he used to go with his friends to a cool location, called the Gole del Drago.  So, we dropped into this magical place with enormous stones from which waterfalls flow into the lagoon; there, it was possible to have a bath. 

The gorges of the dragon (Le Gole del Drago), not far from the center of Corleone, are really easy to reach and can also be visited by children. A starting point for a nice walk to be visited in early spring, when the water is abundant and the temperature is pleasant. I went to the Gole del Drago on a summer day and it was terrific. Fortunately, we brought climbing shoes, it was impossible to walk or run wearing flip-flops. We had a nice day and I hope to return there soon not only with my family, but also with my friends.

That day I understood that the beauty of Sicily let you discover magical places where you least expect it, and just at a stone’s throw from home!

There are a lot of places around Sicily we don’t know; thanks to bloggers, posts on social media or to the indication given from someone who already visited them, lots of people could learn about new locations, tourists could decide to spend holidays around this wonderful island and reach special hidden places as my friend Alessia did.

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