It happens so often that you know lots of places around the world but not the closest ones to you or even in your own region! I’m pretty sure this is the case of a landscape I’ve just discovered and which I want to share with all you readers.

Gerace Siculo is a medieval village among the most beautiful ones in Italy, located in the province of Palermo and surrounded by Madonie Park. Dominated by a castle of Byzantine origins, it is an ideal destination for tourists, both for the numerous religious architecture and for the Salto dei Ventimiglia. 

Francesco Ventimiglia, who succeeded his grandfather Enrico, took the reins of the county in 1308. With him, the county strengthened by conquering new possessions and extending its influence until 1325 when he repudiated his wife Costanza Chiaromonte because she was unable to give him a male heir. This decision provoked the rage of Giovanni II Chiaromonte, brother of Constance who in April 1332 managed to injure in an ambush Francesco, who had to escape from Sicily finding asylum with Robert Anjou king of Naples. In 1337 Pietro II was appointed new ruler, close to the Chiaromontes, who during a meeting of the Parliament in Catania had Franceschiello imprisoned, the son of Francesco who had gone in his place.

Francis then organized a rebellion against the king who sentenced him to death for treason and personally led an army to the reconquest of the territories in revolt until the siege of Gerace. In an attempt to appease the riots, the Count left the castle and, chased by the enemies, fell from the ravine. 

Just at that point, there is the jump of the Ventimiglia, a so-called work of urban exposure in glass and steel, which juts into the void for a few meters and is certainly, in Sicily, unique in its kind. The structure that detaches, from the wire of the wall for a few meters, allows you to walk almost in the “nothing”, with an exceptional view under your feet. The floor is, in fact, also made of glass. It was inaugurated in 2014.

Waiting for Sicily to become “yellow zone”, I wish you all could visit this amazing place!

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